Japanese Garden @ The Arboretum

A List of Autumn Stuff in Seattle

It's fall in Seattle. Here's a list of fall stuff I love around here (and some things I don't): Leaves bleeding out their chlorophyll and us celebrating! DIE, LEAVES! Rain in the morning, sun for 10 minutes at 2p, rain at night. Terrible wet drivers return - missed you! Flannel weather Hot apple...
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Apple cider. Orange, christmas.

Get a Taste of Our Favorite Fall Drinks & Cocktails

Everyone wants to try a Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mi-Mamosa!
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11 Things You Gotta Do This Fall In Seattle

Today is the first day of autumn. I love that word. It's the best three months of the year. I'd love to hear in the comments what I'm forgetting - there's tons of stuff! I left Halloween out of this list bc there are so many crazy events. The one thing I'm doing for sure - drinking so much IPA! 1...
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