Fast Food

Nerd Talk: Nerds help you dip your nuggets safely with a new sauce holder in your car

It's one of the toughest struggles of that fast food life - waiting until you get home to cram junk in your wind tunnel. Right, like you're going to eat just a few fries on that 10-minute drive in traffic? Side note: why does fry smell linger in a car way longer than the worst of farts? Anyway,...
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Episode 54: Eat Fresh

Pretty Lori is stunned that we can talk about Taco Bell for this long. Frankly, I'm stunned, too. Even just typing about it, I could totally go for good morning nachos bell grande. Why do you think they added "bell" to that title? I mean, I like it, but... LOOK, it's happening again. The power of...
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