CenturyLink stadium

CenturyLink Field Goes Cashless!

CenturyLink Field goes cashless for better guest experience.
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super bowl food map

What is Washington's favorite Super Bowl food?

The big game is on Sunday... what are you going to eat? Here's every state's favorite Super Bowl food!
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We Need to Start a Flag Football Team...

There's nothing quite like walking on the field at CenturyLink for a good cause!
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NFL Week 16 Preview: Happy Holidays to Everyone But Niners Fans

Hey Happy Holidays, you guys! This will be the official last thing I do before I head out for vacation so get ready for 80% effort. I hope you get all the presents, eat all the food, and survive extended time with your families. Thanks to you, I get to live out my dream each and every day and thats...
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NFL Week 12 Preview: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys! What a special day of food, family, and football. Do you know what I’m thankful for this year? Dorcas Reilly. That’s right, Dorcas Reilly. I'm thankful for her because she is the woman responsible for the creation of my favorite Thanksgiving side dish (stuffing...
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NFL Week 11 Preview: Make it Quick

I took a day off on Monday, to decompress and what not and it was nice. What was not nice, was that by doing so it letf me with a short week to get all my work done. Thats the thing about days off, they kind of screw you in the end. All the stress and tension that you thought you washed away during...
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NFL Week 9 Preview:

I got in to a car accident last week, and it sucks. Don't drive like jerks, you guys. Carolina vs Pittsburgh - Le'Veon Bell is back in Pittsburgh! Playing basketball at the local LA Fitness! THEY DON'T GIVE OUT FANTASY FOOTBALL POINTS FOR JUMPERS LE'VEON, GET TO WORK!!!! Seriously though, if you...
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NFL Week 6 Preview: 'Ello Guv'nah!

The Seahawks play The Raiders this week in London! What a great excuse to wake up early, eat some baked beans for breakfast (still weird) and say things like "guvnah!" and "cheerio!" all day until you pass out from too many Boddingtons. Like REAL Brits! Except the NFL idiots moved the game to the...
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NFL Week 3 Preview: RIP Russell Wilson?

Last weekend I had a chance to play in a charity flag football tournament for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation and let me tell you, it was amazing. Not only did we get to play on Century Link Field, but Cliff Avril, Walter Jones, and Marcus Hahnemman were on my squad, along with a bunch of your...
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NFL Week 1 Preview: Football IS BACK!

The NFL is finally back, just in time to put its arm around our shoulder and remind us that everything is going to ok as those first crisp gusts of autumnal wind usher in the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Football is great, because it balances your basic tendencies to spend the next few...
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