Of Monsters and Men + Gregr

DTHB Backstage: Of Monsters and Men + the 13 Santas

Pets, mean muggin' monkies, and the 13 Santas - what a life for Of Monsters and Men!
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Deck the Hall Ball 2018

Deck the Hall Ball 2018 was one for the record books. Relive the magic thanks to photos from Marcia Davis, Mike Savoia, Mat Hayward, and David Conger.
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Summer Camp 2018 Day Two

Catch up on the Summer Camp shenanigans that are happening on day two! Photos courtesy of Mat Hayward, Stephanie Savoia, and Marcia Davis.
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Summer Camp 2018 Day One

Check out some of the best shots so far from day one at Summer Camp! Photos courtesy of Mat Hayward, Stephanie Savoia, and Marcia Davis.
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Pacific Northwest Ballet company dancers in Kent Stowell’s Swan Lake, running February 2 – 11, 2018. Photo © Angela Sterling.

What to expect when you see Swan Lake at McCaw Hall

I married a ballerina, and now I go to the ballet. That's not a sentence I ever thought I would write, specifically from a dude who used to think the whole idea of "art" was lost in the coffers of the church or leaders of wealthy countries that commissioned it. I was younger and dumber then. Cirque...
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Happy Holidays from 107.7 The End!

You have made 2017 one of the best years! From rocking out with us all night to Metric at Summer Camp, to celebrating 25 years (!) of Deck The Hall Ball, you guys have been there every step of the way when we celebrated, partied, and listened to great music while we did it. From the bottom of all...
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Here's how we're spending Thanksgiving at The End

The wizard of time must have cast haste on 2017 as this year flies by like a greasy turkey being bowled for charity. Thank you for stuffing another 365 full of fun by goofing off with us everyday on the radio, in person at all our events and shows, and online in the comment sections of our social...
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Cirque du Soleil at Marymoor Park is a fantastic, mind-bending evening

Heading into any Cirque show is like hopping into a spaceship that travels into the part of your brain usually reserved for the best and weirdest mid sleep dreams. It's an adventure. Luzia opens tonight under a massive white tent in Marymoor Park, and they let us sneak in a night early. From the...
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Someone Punch this Robot Burger Flipper In Its Stupid Robot Face

THIS BURGER-FLIPPING ROBOT SHOULD FREAK YOU THE F OUT. Video of "FLIPPY" | Miso Robotics Seriously, here's a dude who just learned that Linda the grill operator has been replaced by a robot and has that "they're gonna fire me next if I don't take a pay cut" look on his face. He...
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TLDR: What exactly did NASA find out there?

On Tuesday, NASA announced a cryptic press conference for the following day to make an announcement about a "discovery beyond our solar system." What could they have found? Life? Star Wars was really a documentary? A THIRD Death Star? No, No, and maybe, but would they tell us? What did they find?...
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