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2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest to Be Held at Private Location Without Fans

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, the Fourth of July tradition at New York’s Coney Island, will go on this year, but with a few adjustments. The contest will be held in a private location and with no fans in attendance, reports TMZ.
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NFL Week 15 Preview:

Thanks to everyone who came out to Deck the Hall Ball earlier this week. What a great time, amirite? We should do that again next year. LA Chargers vs Kansas City - Phillip Rivers and the Chargers deserved the win last night for their gutsy decision to go for two on the the last play of the game. I...
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#sEATtle: Best Foods To Cook On The Grill

The real first day of summer isn't for a few more weeks, but after a seemingly neverending rain season this year, you can be forgiven if you choose to mark this weekend as your official start to summer. Which means its time to stock up on sun screen, gas up the boat, and fire up the bar-b-que! Ahhh...
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