Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds Performs With Neighborhood Band

You may have thought you had fun on Halloween, but whatever you did is nothing compared to what went on in a Las Vegas neighborhood. A trio of musicians was set up in the driveway of one of the homes - providing entertainment for the trick or treaters – when one none other than Dan Reynolds of...
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EXCLUSIVE: Yungblud on His Top Songs and Hanging Up on Dan Reynolds

When Yungblud first got the call from Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds , he didn’t believe it. “On my tour bus in New Orleans, me phone rings and Dan’s like, ‘yo what’s up it’s Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons,’” remembers the 22-year-old star. “I’m like, ‘yeah f*** off, whatever.’ Bang, put...
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Watch Yungblud and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons Get Crushed in "Original Me" Video

For their new self-esteem industrial anthem, “Original Me,” Yungblud and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons literally get crushed by their own emotions. Well, cars – buts it’s probably emotions right? It’s been a whirlwind few days for Reynolds, who welcomed his first son with his wife Aja Volkman on...
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Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons Got an Insane Hand Tattoo

Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons has been inking up in recent months and he keeps going back for more. Let’s start in March when the bassist posted a picture of himself showing off two elaborately detailed sleeves connected by more body art that spans his entire upper chest and beyond. And there was a...
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Dan and Imagine Dragons lol about trading cards

There's a New Imagine Dragons Album in the Works

With a music fury as big as that huge bass drum they bring on stage, Imagine Dragons rose from playing The Crocodile just years ago to headlining Deck The Hall Ball with their sophomore album. It was a dark time for Dan Reynolds (vocals), despite the rising success. Out of nowhere, Imagine Dragons...
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Gimme 5@5 - March 1, 2016

Join us each day as Manley tallys up the top five requests and play them back at 5:00 p.m. Want to make sure your requests get heard? Here's how: Shoot us a text @ 91077 Leave a comment on Give us a Tweet @1077TheEnd (make sure to use #2minutepromise to really get on our...
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