International Womens Day

The Essential Alternative Women Playlist

Stellar playlist filled with music from some of the best women in the Alternative music world! Enjoy on International Women's Day and everyday!
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The Best Karaoke Songs By Women, For Women

Everybody’s got their something, and my “something” is karaoke. The vibe of a great karaoke bar is welcoming, cozy, and FUN. It’s a place where everyone sings along and laughs together. After all, karaoke should never be taken too seriously… that’s what open mic nights are for. The best songs are...
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The best EndSessions featuring women

We’ve been digging through the End archives lately. It’s been fun to laugh at old pictures and t-shirts. The best part, though, is being reminded of those great EndSessions from years ago. So, this being International Women’s Day and all, here’s my list of my favorite EndSessions through the years...
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