Barns Courtney is taking his career to new heights and trying to soak it all in

With a slice of veggie pizza in one hand and a leather jacket draped over his shoulders, Barns Courtney looks like he’s living the life of a rock star, and it probably feels that way too. Having just gotten back from South By South West where he jammed seven shows in just a few days, he sits in an...
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Coldplay turns 20, Chris Martin reflects on band's past and future

Back in 2000, a small and relatively unknown band out of London graced The End's airwaves for the first time, but the group had already been playing together for four years. Now, that small band from London, Coldplay, is entering it's 20th year as a band and hasn't missed a beat since their hit...
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Q&A: Brad Shultz from Cage The Elephant is stoked for the new tour

The good news is that Cage The Elephant is making a stop in Seattle on their recently-announced tour! The two-time Deck The Hall Ball headliners just can't stay away (and why would they want to)? The better news is that guitar player Brad Shultz is an awesome dude and decided to chat with us for a...
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So, You're In Seattle... Ross Fletcher

To this day, my favorite piece of work from the hilarious mind of former Sounders voice Ross Fletcher selfishly involves me. Sorry, not sorry. During our Full 90 Extra Time Podcast, Ross put his commentating power to the test and called a complicated, giggle-filled solve of a Rubik’s Cube. Though...
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Q&A: Declan McKenna

It's rare to find a teenage musician with a mature head on their shoulders these days, but it appears that with Grace Mitchell and Declan McKenna going back-to-back as The End's Discover & Download artists, we have struck gold two weeks in a row. English 17-year-old Declan McKenna is wise...
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Your chance to interview Chris Martin...kinda

Have you ever wanted to sit down with Chris Martin from Coldplay and ask him anything at all? Well, we can't make that happen. However, we do have a chance to get you questions in front of the Englishman THIS WEEK! You can submit a question for Mr. Martin via Twitter, Facebook or the comments below...
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