Here's How to Take A Free Women's Self Defense Class This Weekend!

Over the last year, we've all seen the story of Kelly Herron - the jogger who was attacked in broad daylight running through Golden Gardens Park. She was grabbed, pulled into a bathroom, and attacked. With an admirable amount of tenacity best described by her battle cry "NOT TODAY, MOTHER ******",...
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Check out these pictures of the Puget Sound from 3,500 feet in the air

Over the weekend, I got a chance to go flying at dusk on one of the last beautiful days of the year. According to my Facebook feed, every time someone leaves Seattle via commercial airplane, they are required to post a hastily snapped shot of Mt. Rainier , but here was a chance to see all the...
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Gregr's Life Hax: Using a sponge to get rid of your muscle pain

Supported by Xfinity : In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves, "I do Kung Fu." OK, not really, but I do do (lol) karate! Specifically, I have been taking Kempo classes every week for a while now and it's awesome! If you were at Summer Camp , you got to see some of my moves. Karate is tough on the...
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A Backstage Karate Story from Summer Camp

As I leapt from my car in the dusty parking lot behind the stage at Marymoor Park, I asked my fiance, “Should I take my headband?” “Absolutely.” Hours later, standing in the grassy area full of band gear, tents, and dudes in black t-shirts shuttling heavy equipment on and off the stage, I...
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Super Secret Handshake

Super Secret Summer Camp Handshake

Ok Camper, time to find yourself a friend and get practicing the single most (un) important action for Summer Camp success, the Super Secret Summer Camp Handshake. Here, let me and Manley teach you. FOCUS: 1. Handshakes and fireflies, pretty simple. Get five of those handshakes in there then spin,...
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11 Things You Gotta Do This Fall In Seattle

Today is the first day of autumn. I love that word. It's the best three months of the year. I'd love to hear in the comments what I'm forgetting - there's tons of stuff! I left Halloween out of this list bc there are so many crazy events. The one thing I'm doing for sure - drinking so much IPA! 1...
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