King County

Help Pearl Jam Help Seattle

As I write this, we are 104 days, 10 hours and 33 minutes away from the greatest band in the history of ever taking the at Safeco, to play their first HOME show in 5 years! Of course I'm referring to Pearl Jam and of course I am freaking out, they are my favorite band OF ALL TIME...
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Vote: Find the Closest Place to drop off your ballot!

Today is election day - normally, as a country, we tend to only vote in Presidential elections and then complain about the results for four years until we vote again, but changing our country starts at a local level. These are the dummies that impact you and your schools and your firefighters...
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Family Fourth Fireworks

Are your personal fireworks legal in your hood?

Despite being illegal in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill), fireworks still go popping off in the alley behind my apartment. Boy, do they make my dog Chowder super mad. I wanna karate two-knuckle punch the crap out of you for upsetting her, but still, I get it. Fireworks are awesome. Just as long as I...
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Food Ratings

Wait a Second, What's Wrong with King County's New Health Inspection Signs?

Why is it that the scariest looking places often have the best food? There's a bar on the hill that I love but you'd NEVER order food there on sight alone. Turns out they have pretty good food and a french dip that won't stop. The place is terrifyingly dirty and I'm afraid that if I knew the...
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