Meg Myers

New Music Discovery: Meg Myers - Lemon Eyes

Meg just dropped one of the best songs I've heard so far this year! I can not wait to see/hear her play it for us at Summer Camp on August 15th. This lovely chick is a star and I immediately love everything she does. "Desire" blew me away last year, but "Lemon Eyes" may be her best song yet. It's...
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We Crashed an Open Mic Night With Meg Myers

Last week Pepper and I went to Mix in Georgetown to check out their open mic night and decided to bring our friend Meg Myers along. Turns out she is as talented as she is beautiful, and left the place stunned. Check out this AMAZING version of Desire, and pay attention to our social medai in the...
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WATCH: Meg Myers - "Go"

Many months ago, a friend of mine told me I had to listen to this chick named Meg Myers. He claimed "she's the next Fiona, you're gonna love her!" and he wasn't wrong. I love how raw Meg's music is, much like Ms. Apple's. She's talented, a total badass, and a real alternative female artist which is...
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