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Taco Truck Challenge 2019

107.7 The End's Taco Truck Challenge

107.7 The End’s Taco Truck Challenge Seattle Center on May 4, 2019 The End's 9th annual Taco Truck Challenge is back again at Seattle Center! This year feast on food from 15 local food trucks, who will serve their most mouthwatering treats and unique taco- themed confections. While all trucks are...
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Tequila & Taco Fest Training Module: Grilled Rock Fish Tacos \m/

In the spirit of Tequila & Taco Fest , I’ve been playing with variations on traditional Pico de Gallo. Last week I asked what’s in your recipe, and the response yielded some tasty twists. One of my favorites was cucumbers in place of peppers for a milder version. Another was peaches for a...
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Tequila And Taco Fest Training Module: Pico de Gallo

Since we announced Tequila And Taco Fest , I’ve been on a bit of an everything taco kick. I was on a tequila kick as well, but you can imagine why it was short lived. But tacos! Such variety, always refreshing. The other day I set out to make pico de gallo, and it really came together. I took a...
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Who has the best burritos in Seattle?

We're big fans of burritos here at The End. I mean we kind of have to be, otherwise the Burrito Falcon would be very angry with us. You may be wondering, where does the Burrito Falcon get his delicious burritos? We're not really sure, but thanks to the internet I've found a list of Seattle's BEST...
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