Museum of Flight

You Can Get Super Close to the Blue Angels This Week

With Seafair all around us, the Blue Angels are in town! Touching down on Sunday night, the FA-18's are parked in a new spot and it's one that you means you can get right up on 'em - not literally, no, you can't climb the Blue Angels. Get down. The Museum of Flight looks out right over Boeing Field...
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The Blue Angels Are Changing Planes in 2021

They look small and agile with a quickness and precision that both suggest massive speed and immense aircraft control, they're the Blue Angels and for years (except that one year where the federal budget was broken) they've been treating us to awesome aerial displays over Lake Washington during...
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Apollo 11 Mission Has Landed at Museum Of Flight, is Awesome!

Supported by On July 20, 2019, planet Earth will celebrate the first time humans set foot upon another world. That was 50 years ago! Just in time to celebrate astronauts running around in the moon dirt, the Museum of Flight launches a special collection visiting from the Smithsonian...
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