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Watch lovelytheband's "Broken" House Party

Revisit the "Broken" music video.
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Win Butler of Arcade FIre

WATCH: Arcade Fire Share "Chemistry" Video

Arcade Fire just shared the Starburns Industries-animated video for their song “Chemistry.”
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WATCH THIS: Ruler releases video for "Get To You"

Supported by StickerYou Locals Only was pretty much all about Ruler this week since I had frontman Matt Batey on the show playing his entire forthcoming album. So I figured we should probably also share his new music video for the song "Get To You." It would seem that the good folks at Barsuk are...
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Arctic Monkeys

WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Share Unsettling “Four Out of Five” Video

Arctic Monkeys have shared the first video for their new track “Four Out of Five.”
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Bear Hands' Val Loper and Dylan Rau

EXCLUSIVE: Bear Hands on Their “2AM” House Party

Watch Bear Hands talk all about the making of the video in our exclusive interview.
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Locals Only Video Premier: Skating Polly releases new video for Hollywood Factory

Supported by I feel like the “American Dream” is a real moving target these days. That idea probably means something different to everybody. Big house, great job, kids and a dog, maybe a Volvo. I can tell you this though, for Skating Polly I think floating in pools, popping bottles...
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Bear Hands

WATCH: Bear Hands Explain “Kookiness” of California in “Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)”

Bear Hands walk us through their kooky "Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)" music video!
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WATCH THIS: "Left Right" music video from Headwaves

I'm really thrilled that the art of the music video is still a thing that is thriving in our local music community. Today's example of that comes from Seattle band Headwaves for their song "Left Right." Video of Headwaves - Left Right This bedazzled dream ride through an old-school roller rink is a...
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Watch Arcade Fire's Short Film 'Money + Love'

Arcade Fire have released the 13-minute short film, Money + Love , which stars Toni Collette.
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Imagine Dragons

WATCH: Imagine Dragons release music film for Next to Me

The opening track to Imagine Dragons ' 2017 album Evolve now has an 11-minute "music film" to go along with it. Video of Imagine Dragons - Next To Me Directed by Mark Pellington, the same director who did the video for Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" and U2's "One," the video for "Next To Me" chronicles a...
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