Space Music

Nerd Talk: Some nerds made planets make Space Music

Usually, when we think of space music, one thing that immediately comes to mind is that blue weirdo from Star Wars' Cantina Band, Max Rebo. Yes, I know his name. Shut up. Or the melon heads that play the "Cantina Band" You now have the Star Wars Cantina song in your head. Back in February, NASA...
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Saturn V Rocket

Nerd Talk: They're Officially Making This Big Ass Rocket Into Lego sets

The same giant rocket that shot a group of air force pilot nerds to the freakin' moon will soon be a big ass collection of Legos sitting on your shelf or glued to your hood or whatever. The brand new Apollo 11 lego set features all three sections of the rocket and the craft that would later zip...
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Pacific Blue

We Caught Up With Sounders Captain Brad Evans

How in the crap is the soccer offseason already over?! Seattle Sounders FC, including our guest Brad Evans, are currently strapped into a metal bird rocketing over the dry part of the USA to kick off the defense of the MLS Cup in Houston. I had no idea that in the history of the club, they had...
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Nerd Talk: Why I'm Sorta Sad About NASA's 7 Planets

This week, NASA announced that a team of scientists have been studying a nearby star system whose belt is a bunch of kick ass looking earth-like planets orbiting around in a tight formation. TLDR: Breaking down exactly what NASA found, and can we go there? Around a nearby, cold, small star we found...
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TLDR: What exactly did NASA find out there?

On Tuesday, NASA announced a cryptic press conference for the following day to make an announcement about a "discovery beyond our solar system." What could they have found? Life? Star Wars was really a documentary? A THIRD Death Star? No, No, and maybe, but would they tell us? What did they find?...
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Shuttle Independence outside Johnson Space Center

Nerd Talk Goes to NASA

I can’t say I have ever had much intention of going back to Texas - one trip as a kid was fine - but my pal Ed got stationed there for work for a year so we went to go cheer him up! Houston, an astronaut’s psychiatrists where they can safely report all their problems, is usually just a humid, butt...
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Tom DeLonge Gets Spacey With Co-Authored UFO Series

Blink-182’s former guitarist Tom DeLonge co-authored a UFO book—*insert alien emoji*—titled Sekret Machines: Gods, Man and War along with writer and researcher Peter Levenda . Spooky. With a publish date of March 7, the non-fiction book stems from interviews with military officials, intelligence...
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Nerd Talk - August 29, 2016

My stupid neighbors partied on their patio pretty late last night, a year-long camping trip next to a Hawaiian volcano suddenly doesn't sound so bad... Nerd Talk - August 29, 2016 Read More 1. Year-long Mars simulation . 2. Star in a Jar - it’s not Jared Leto ... 3. Aliens, bro .
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Nerd Talk - August 25, 2016

Look, before you get too excited by new Earth - remember, there's probably not even a craft brewery there that's any damn good. OH BUT THEY MAYBE HAVE DINOSAURS I'VE NEVER EVEN IMAGINED?!? Nerd Talk - August 25, 2016 Read more: 1. Instagram knows when you’re depressed . 2. Norway is out of its damn...
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Nerd Talk - August 4, 2017

I'm just excited that a robot gets to meet the Mooninites and steal their moonajuana, boy. Nerd Talk - August 4, 2016 Read more: 1. Olympian is an idiot . 2. China’s new bus is crazy . 3. We’re going back to the moon… with robots .
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