Tycho in 4k

Nerd Talk: NASA's 4K Tour of the Moon is just Badass

As a tiny little virus running around changing the Earth to my own liking, it's a complex abstract idea to understand the scale, distance, and the barren surface of our natural satellite the moon. If you don't believe that Earth is round, please stop reading and go hate yell at someone on the...
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Nerd Talk: We Built the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket

1,969 awesome pieces all come together to form the greatest Lego build I’ve ever completed. Look, do I think that new 7500 piece Millennium Falcon is awesome? Yes. A Super Star Destroyer ? Also, yes. But when I was gifted a Lego set for Christmas, a purchase of love from a family member trying to...
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Team USA Goes Full NASA With New Olympic Snowboarding Suits

All hands on deck. These new USA Snowboarding threads are hotter than glowing red part of the earth's surface after being smashed into by another terrestrial object thus creating our immediate planetary satellite, the moon (in theory). I have no idea how hot that is. They're hotter than the heat...
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Voyager Record

Nerd Talk: Now You Can Own A Copy of The Audio We Sent to Space

The audio packed aboard spaceships literally more than 10 billion miles away is landing on your slipmat this Christmas thanks to an awesome kickstarter turned record project at Ozma Records. Way back in 1977 we launched a couple spacecraft on missions to leave the solar system. If we were gonna do...
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Earth in space

NASA Will Legitimately Pay You Six Figures to Protect Earth from Aliens

NASA is currently in the process of hiring a real-life member of the Men in Black. Yes, we’re serious. The job of a “Planetary Protection Officer”? To protect the planet and its inhabitants from alien contamination and, in turn, to protect other worlds from contamination by us in our exploration...
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