Nerd Talk: Nerds help you dip your nuggets safely with a new sauce holder in your car

It's one of the toughest struggles of that fast food life - waiting until you get home to cram junk in your wind tunnel. Right, like you're going to eat just a few fries on that 10-minute drive in traffic? Side note: why does fry smell linger in a car way longer than the worst of farts? Anyway,...
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6 Teams to Root For Until The Sonics Come Back

The NBA season kicked off last night,and ever since the NBA robbed the Emerald City of our beloved SuperSonics, you may not have given it much thought. But you should, because the NBA is pretty great right now. Plus after Tuesday's big stadium news , we are closer than ever to the return of...
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Episode 62 - Shanecast

Special guest superstar, Pepper, joined this cast. She revealed to us that her beautifully bearded boyfriend Shane wasn't listening to the cast anymore - a real dummy. So, in honor of his birthday, we didn't tell him, but we decided to dedicate an entire cast to his greatness. CAUTION: there is a...
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