Perry Farrell

Jane's Addiction performs 'Nothing's Shocking' @ Showbox Sodo 07.22.15

Jane’s Addiction released the album ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ in 1988 and I have never been the same. For about 2 years straight I played my cassette as loud as possible over and over again, every day, all day. I was a punk kid that weighed 135 pounds soaking wet. I always had mor e attitude than sense...
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Jane's Addiction Bumbershoot Mainstage 2012

It was sexy, it was strange…it was Jane’s Addiction! On April 14, 1989 I saw Jane’s Addiction play the Starry Night Club in Portland, OR and it was by far the greatest concert I’ve ever been to in my life. Any band I shoot or listen to for me is rated on the Jane&rs quo;s Addiction scale. A few...
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