So, You're In Seattle... Jim Petosa

As the creep of outside influence washes over Seattle like that one wave that rushes up the beach faster than you thought, the identity of the area is becoming less remotely PNW and more affected by the outside national and global forces at play. It's super cool to be able to able to find the gems...
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066 - It's A Trap - We Spoil Star Wars VII

*Thanks to everyone who attended the Our Dumb Christmas Party: The Dummies Strike Back! It was a total success and super fun playing laser tag with you. Thank you for the delicious cookies and cake pops! Also, thanks to Virtual Sports for hosting! You'll have to ignore this part of the pod bc we...
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Do you even Podcast, bro?

This year I've been listening to a lot less music and a lot more podcasts. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I feel like I'm learning more... if that makes sense. First, there was Serial . Everyone and their mom was addicted to that podcast and whether or not Adnan killed Hae Min Lee...
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Episode 55 - In a Word: Phunk

Fluff your merkin, we're getting loose this week. Joined in studio by Kool Keith, we need your help entertaining Manley's company in town this weekend. Listener of the pod, and younger of the Manley men, Joe + friends are in town to see Manley, a soccer match where Seattle Sounders FC take on an LA...
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053 - Thursdays This Fall

We didn't think it was possible for Gregr to upset Manley worse than last time with all the films that haven't been seen, but the ginger pulls it off. To be fair, Gregr isn't really a full ginger - brown hair + ginger beard... what do you even call that? There was this crazy baseball play where...
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So, You're In Seattle... Joe Hammill Summits Mt Rainier

My buddy Joe finds fun adventures in places I would never consider. He’s the outgoing type that when I’m grumping around about something, he finds an opportunity to have fun. He’s a scooter club member - Soldiers of Destiny - I would say scooter gang, but they wear animal masks pulled over their...
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