Carjacker Sits On Driver's Lap, Leads Police On Chase

31-year-old Tomasz Dymek is a unique kind of carjacker. The carjacker sat on a driver’s lap while police were chasing him . Read the story on RADIO.COM.
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Michael Bennett detained, alleges excessive force by Las Vegas Police

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was in Las Vegas for the Conor McGregor / Floyd Mayweather and after the fight, he was detained by police. For what? He's not exactly sure. When he and hundreds around him heard what they thought to be gunshots in the area, people started running. But...
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Police Chase Video Inside

Beastie Boys Perfectly Syncs With This Police Chase

It's not every day you see police chase go blasting by you on the highway. Even more rare, you have a friend to capture the whole video. Even more more rare is having your friend capture the video while the Beastie Boys’ "Sabotage" is building up on the radio in the background with the whole thing...
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