When will Seattle have rain again, and when will all this smoke go away?

Seattle just tied a record for consecutive days without any measurable rain - just ask your dead lawn #RIP. Congratulations, you're living in an era of broken records! Last time it was this dry, color TV was being tested for the first time. The record is like grandparents old, only without the...
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Tips for your trip to the Tulip Festival

The best part about our long, dreary Seattle winters is knowing all that rain makes for beautiful tulips! We’ve had the grossest winter ever (scientific fact, duh), but that actually makes for great tulip-ing because the flowers get taller and heartier (again, another scientific fact I heard...
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I Like Music. You Like Music- My Favorite Rainy Day Tunes

Fall is officially here, which means long walks home from work in the dark, needing (not wanting) coffee in the morning, and of course rain rain rain. But its cool, because this is Seattle, and in a wierd sort of way this time of year makes Seattle....more Seattle-y? Plus there is something...
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