Seattle Bans Plastic Straws and Utensils

As of July 1st, restaurants in Seattle will no longer be able to give you plastic straws or utensils as a ban on plastic cutlery takes effect. First passed back in 2010 but rolled back repeatedly until now, the idea is to keep the oceans from dying. LIST: 5 of the best Day Hikes Near Seattle hold...
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Nerd Talk - August 30, 2016

A scientist said to imagine Earth is like a spaceship, you'd never voluntarily switch off the life support system on a space ship... Nerd Talk - August 30, 2016 Read more: 1. This new plastic is bananas . 2. We’ve entered a new geological era and it sounds like it might suck . 3. Someone is...
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Oh Hey Space X - Thats Some Beautiful Landing Footage You Got There

TL;DR - scroll down for kick ass video. Last month, the nerds at SpaceX successfully followed in Jeff Bezos' footsteps by shooting a payload into space followed by landing the rocket itself back on earth without damaging the module. It's a remarkable feat enabling humanity to be less wasteful when...
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