blue angels

Seafair Cancels Signature Events for 2020

No Blue Angels, no parade... no Summer 4th at Gas Works Park!
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You Can Get Super Close to the Blue Angels This Week

With Seafair all around us, the Blue Angels are in town! Touching down on Sunday night, the FA-18's are parked in a new spot and it's one that you means you can get right up on 'em - not literally, no, you can't climb the Blue Angels. Get down. The Museum of Flight looks out right over Boeing Field...
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Taco Truck Challenge Was Bangin' - Thank YOU!

Foolish-mortals, I extend my gratitude toward your puny lives knowing that none of this matters and our time on hurtling space rock is brief. Yet, you chose to soak up the sunshine, stuff yourself on tacos, and suck down a multitude of beers and tequila powered beverages with us. Your performance...
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The Blue Angels Are Changing Planes in 2021

They look small and agile with a quickness and precision that both suggest massive speed and immense aircraft control, they're the Blue Angels and for years (except that one year where the federal budget was broken) they've been treating us to awesome aerial displays over Lake Washington during...
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When I-90 Will Shut Down For Blue Angels

Every year*, the Navy's finest pilots take to the skies above Seattle to wow us with their insane flying prowess. Every year we remind you that I-90 will be closed a whole bunch over the four days of practice and shows by these barrel rolling, g-inducing, dog scaring F/A-18's. This year is no...
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8th Annual Taco Truck Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us for the 8th annual Taco Truck Challenge! It was a gorgeous spring day in Seattle filled with cold drinks, amazing food, and killer live music! A big shout out to Duke Evers, The Hollers, and Kitten for rocking out with us and providing the incredible...
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Taco Truck Challenge 2019

107.7 The End's Taco Truck Challenge

107.7 The End’s Taco Truck Challenge Seattle Center on May 4, 2019 The End's 9th annual Taco Truck Challenge is back again at Seattle Center! This year feast on food from 15 local food trucks, who will serve their most mouthwatering treats and unique taco- themed confections. While all trucks are...
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Blue Angels over Lake Washington

Here's when I-90 is shutting down for the Blue Angels shows

It makes perfect sense that with gazillion dollar super jets flying dangerously overhead, we should definitely shut down I-90. There's probably a good reason they don't shutter 520, but I don't know what it is, and whatever. They don't. In a region where traffic is terrible, having one of the...
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