Beastmode: Which Commercial Is Best?

For those of us that have lived outside the Seattle area - and I'm not talking about watching Seattle stations in Vancouver BC or Eastern Washington - for those of us that have lived somewhere like Tucson, Arizona where there are no major sports teams, you know how awesome it is when big name...
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Manley's Pro Football Picks Week 3

You guys, last week was a disaster. I only picked 5 games correctly. 5!!! I feel like my dog, Mookie Blaylock could do better. How embarrassing for me. Hey, speaking of embarrassing, I posted this picture on Facebook the other day for Throwback Thursday Boy did I think I was cool back in high...
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Running Around on Century Link Field!

We're so lucky to live in Seattle where a dude like Mike McCready shows up to Mariners/Sounders FC/Thunderbirds games to shred through the national anthem ! Usually, he's there raising awareness for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation - specifically the Pacific Northwest Chapter. It's super cool...
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Are you ready for the return of Seahawks madness?

I didn't think I was, but now that the first official Hawks game of the season is only a few days away... I'm stoked! It still hurts to think about the fact that my favorite team lost the Super Bowl at the last possible second for the dumbest reason ever, but I think I'm starting to get over it...
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