You Can Get Super Close to the Blue Angels This Week

With Seafair all around us, the Blue Angels are in town! Touching down on Sunday night, the FA-18's are parked in a new spot and it's one that you means you can get right up on 'em - not literally, no, you can't climb the Blue Angels. Get down. The Museum of Flight looks out right over Boeing Field...
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Playlist: Songs About Seattle

Supported by I can't believe we haven't thought of creating a Seattle themed playlist before! Sure, we have some solid Locals Only tunes on a playlist, but these songs are strictly referencing our Emerald City. Seattle is one of the best and that's why so many artists and musicians...
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Foo Day Friday: Wheels vs. Long Road to Ruin

Long Road to Ruin
72% (13 votes)
28% (5 votes)
Total votes: 18
Hi. My name is Alyssa and I have an addiction to the Foo Fighters (and Dave Grohl <3) and I mean..could you blame me? They're one of the best bands in rock and I somehow tricked my boss into letting us dive into the Foo's stellar catalog every Friday at 1pm as a way to get pumped for the weekend...
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West Seattle Artist Pays Tribute to Seattle Icons

Supported by One of the things I love about Seattle is there's art on pretty much every street! Back East in my hometown, if someone saw you with a can of spray paint, they'd assume you were a vandal and most likely call the cops. Here, in the Emerald City, the art is appreciated...
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Interview: Longtime Foo Fighters Producer Talks Moving to Seattle and Recording Their Debut Album

Barrett Jones is a local producer/engineer and owner of Laundry Room Studio . I first met him last year at that free Death Cab show at the Paramount. And by "met him" I mean I yelled out for him as he was walking through the lobby, and then he was forced to say hi to a crazy fangirl, ha! He was the...
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Here's How You Can Be A Contestant on the Price is Right Live show

The Price is Right Live is a stage show packing the Moore Theatre full of butts tonight to watch people try to win stuff. They'll be playing the silliest of games that we all grew up enjoying. Tonight it's in Seattle (6/11/19-6/13/19) and you can be a contestant. Look, I'm just gonna post a few of...
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Where to Celebrate Pride in Seattle!

Supported by Pride month is right around the corner and I'm already seeing a ton of ways to get out to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community! Check out the events going on in the Seattle area in June and if you have an event that's not mentioned here, reach out to me on Twitter ! June 1st...
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Watch Amazon's Corpse Flower Bloom Without Having To Smell Something Called "Corpse Flower"

The corpse flower is named aptly as when it blooms it smells like death. Like "mummy chasing you but it gets his wrapper stuck on the coffee table corner and now the smell is even worse" bad. For some reason this description makes me want to actually visit the Amazon Spheres downtown in Seattle to...
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Washington Is Beautiful - The Perfect Day

Supported by Washington is beautiful and my kid loves splashing in the water so we packed up the family and popped over to Edmonds for a couple of hours in the sun. I am very sunburned today. The town of Edmonds is absolutely lovely with tons of shops and restaurants (shout out to...
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Elle King and Barns Courtney Rock a Sold Out Show at the Neptune Theatre

Supported by The two singer-songwriters bring a taste of rock and roll to Seattle on Elle King’s “Shake The Spirit Tour” Rock and roll is far from dead – and both Barns Courtney and Elle King are proof of that. They both embody different elements of the timeless genre, not only in...
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