Seattle Humane

31 Stories High!

We Rappelled Down a 40 Story Building and Lived!

When Seattle Humane approached me about going “over the edge” for a fun fundraiser, I agreed because they’re rad and some thrilling fun sounded cool. I’m not sure how I blocked out in my brain that I would be voluntarily dropping off the perfectly safe, stable, and gravity capable 40-story...
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Look at this massive building YOU can repel down!

I went to the location for Seattle Humane’s Mission Impawsible - a forty story building that fundraisers will be repelling down in celebration of having raised a bunch of money for adoptable animals. I’m not gonna lie, when I got to the building, looked up and got dizzy, for a moment I thought “you...
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Tuxes and Tails

I Got to Strut My Stuff on the Dog/Catwalk for Charity!

For the last several years, I've been invited to participate in Seattle Humane's Tuxes and Tails. It's their big fancy dress-up gala where some of the biggest donors come out, wave cards around to bid on auction items, and most importantly enjoy the pups and kitties being walked across the stage in...
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Doggo + Gregr

Bring Your Doggo To Greenlake!

It's no secret that I love dogs*. But I also love people who help doggos find homes and get help. Over the years I've gotten to work with Seattle Humane on a variety of events like Tuxes and Tails and Catapalooza, but now they're kicking off a new twist on a fun walk around Greenlake - Glow in the...
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Peanut is a rescue cat

Of Course Portland Has a Cat Rapper

Moshow (M$SHO), Portland's cat rapper, has a message for you about cats: adopt a cat. Video of iAmMoshow - Adopt A Cat (Official Video) That guy really loves cats. There are a zillion different places around the Puget Sound that need your attention to get homes for cute kitties (and dogs). I work...
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Fees for black cats waived for Black Friday at Seattle Humane

Seattle Humane Waiving Adoption Fees for Black Cats on Black Friday

Seattle Humane wants you to take home a new friend this Black Friday, but unlike other crazy "deals" that you won't believe, Seattle Humane's is pretty simple. Black cats on Black Friday won't cost you a thing! Seattle Humane, in an effort to get homes for the often stigmatized black kitties, will...
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Gregr + kitten

Pet All of the Kitties at Catapalooza

SUPPORTED BY SEATTLE HUMANE: Logo courtesy of Seattle Humane - - - - - - Having caught my naughty kitty high atop the bookshelf stealing kitty treats this morning, my first reaction involved cursing at him using a whisper so as not to wake my finance. Then he looked at me, meowed, awkwardly turned...
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Top 4 greatest cat videos of all time

SUPPORTED BY SEATTLE HUMANE: Logo courtesy of Seattle Humane - - - - - - There are four steps to becoming the ruler of the internet. 1) Obtain cat. 2) Video cat doing normal, mundane cat things. 3) Post video to internet. 4) Profit. Here are our top four favorite cat videos of all time, thanks to...
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3 benefits of adopting a cat this weekend

SUPPORTED BY SEATTLE HUMANE: Logo courtesy of Seattle Humane - - - - - - If you are a cat person, or even if you aren't and you just know someone who is really into cats, you know that owning a cat can be great! But if you want to feel even more warm and fuzzy inside, we suggest adopting something...
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Top 5 cutest cats in Seattle

SUPPORTED BY SEATTLE HUMANE: Logo courtesy of Seattle Humane We have good news and we also have great news. The good news is that we rounded up the top five cutest cats in Seattle (this is what the internet was built for). Keep reading for the great news. 1. Two-month-old Pudding (gross, unless...
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