Seattle Mariners

I Want Your Voice for Diiiiiid The Mariners Win?!

The morning after every Mariners game, we always ask the important question: Did the Mariners win? After years of asking, I got some friends and family and listeners to ask that question for me. Here's your chance to get on the air! Help me ask the big question every morning: Diiiiid the Mariners...
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Sound Transit offering Free Light Rail Rides to Safeco with your Mariners Ticket

The Seattle Mariners and Sound Transit are teaming up to make getting to the ballpark easier - by making it free! From opening day until June 3, your baseball ticket - printed or digital - will also be valid as a ticket for the Link Lightrail! It's near damn impossible to drive near the stadium on...
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Ichiro is back! Here is the time I wore my Ichiro Jersey to Tokyo

Holy crap cat, Ichiro is back! This time not as a shared bobblehead with him playing right field in the wrong jersey... by Sean Girvan ('sup dummy) The media covered this with hot takes about what this means for the Mariners and questions about Ichiro's abilities, but I'm much more interested in...
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Every surprise Eddie Vedder appearance ranked

What does Eddie Vedder do when he gets bored in Seattle? He crashes other people's concerts and events, and he's been doing it for so long that it's pretty much a habit. Though you don't know when or where he's going to pop up, when he does it's always perfect and always quintisentially Eddie. To...
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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Listen to Eddie Vedder tell the story about that time he worked a shift at Easy Street Records selling Mariners tickets

Editor's note: Story corroborated by memory, by current and former Easy Street Records employees Kevin, Clarke, Matt, and Ed . To listen to Eddie Vedder tell the story in his own words, scroll down to the bottom, but you should definitely read this story from Easy Street Records owner , Matt...
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Chowder and Gregr

Good For You, Chicago, But Here's Why I'm Back to Hating the Cubs

There are a handful of teams that come to Safeco Field that drive me crazy. Not the teams themselves, it’s their jackass fans. What would normally be a one-third full Mariners game turns into a sea of people cheering like zoo monkeys at feeding time for the visiting team. This year, it was Toronto...
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Rubik's Cube at Safeco

I Took My Rubik's Cube To A Sanders Rally

When I was a kid, my mother worked on a senatorial campaign and ever since then, I’ve found politics a tedious way of riling up the citizens in one group and having them yell hateful things at people of another. The whole process relies on the mystical idea that one of these dildos would come in,...
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