Seattle Sounders FC

Joe's Grilled Gourmet Dogs

My Favorite Hot Dog Guy Saved by Seattle Sounders FC

My favorite hot dog stand at the stadiums is in trouble, but the Sounders FC stepped up huge when they "paid my rent up to date! They paid permits ect. What a huge relief what a huge gift from the Seattle sounders words cannot express how thankful I am."
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Brad Evans Seattle Sounders FC

Brad Evans on 2020 Sounders FC, who to watch...

Brad Evans solidified his time in MLS with two championships and countless minutes played for three (two) teams. But it's the 9 years in Seattle that lead him through the door into a career. He's back as brand ambassador #BrandEvans and judging by the time spent today, he's gonna kill it.
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Post Season Podcast Party: Flatstick Pub Pioneer Square

Thanks for a super fun season of podcasts! We're having a party to celebrate the fun: We got the back "Sunflower Room" so we'd have some space! Flatstick Pub, if you haven't been, is full of fun including mini-golf and something called duffelboard that I think they invented. LISTEN: Full 90 Extra...
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I Love Seattle Sounders FC

Regardless of what happens on Sunday at CenturyLink Field, I'm Sounders Til I Die. We've had the most fun and made the best memories over 11 seasons. My first ever match, Fredy Montero, Freddie Ljungberg, Sebastian Le Toux, KASEY FREAKIN' KELLER, Steve Zakuani, Taylor Graham, and of course, scruffy...
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Smoke Bomb at the March to the Match

Why It's the Biggest March to the Match Ever!

Imagine 69,000+ people headed to the match and a championship title on the line!
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What You Need to Know For Sunday's Final Sounders Match of the Season

Match 34 of 34 on Sunday promises to be a fun close to the 2019 regular season. It's DeCiSiOn DaY!!!1! which in leagues where they don't have playoffs (everywhere but MLS) means the season is done and you're fighting to avoid relegation (again everywhere but MLS) or promotion/Champions League play...
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Sounders FC Xavier Arreaga Is Our New Dad

Arreaga is our new dad, a case study by Branden from the Full 90 - Extra Time podcast : 1. Chad "Dad" Marshall retires 2. Sounders have a dad opening 3. Nothing is more "dad" than tucking a t-shirt into shorts and dancing poorly Exhibit A. Arreaga dancing during Jingle Bells Nico's game-winner =...
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We Figured Out How To Solve The Boring Soccer Problem

After their third bye-week (tri-bye?) in only nine matches, Sounders FC are finally heading back to competition this weekend and it's at home so at least the in-game beers will be $9.75... This season is proving to be quite the challenge for a team that now just skips the middle man and travels...
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It's the 100th match between Sounders FC and Fartland Timbers

100 matches dating back to 1975 - this may be the biggest soccer rivalry in the entire USA. This thing comes with years of baggage: teasing, chanting, banners, scarf theft, and so many snarky internets! Though the stakes aren't clear yet, this Sunday will give us a benchmark demonstrating the...
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Full 90: Does Nouhou Have Action Figure Legs?!

Sounders FC finally get a point, a goal, a finish with the right number of people on the pitch #blessed. For an outsider, it must look weird seeing us celebrate a 2-2 draw - yeah, well WHATEVA! Whateva Two goals, the return of Osvaldo Alonso, and taking the top team in the West down a peg are the...
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