Don't Drop Your Pineapple!

I attended my first Winter Pineapple Classic 5k this month and it was totally bonkers (in the best way, of course)! The Pineapple Classic is a three-mile obstacle course that participants complete while carrying a pineapple. If you get bored of just running a 5k, then you have to sign up for this...
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Locals Only Playlist: November 20 with Marco Collins

This week we didn't play as much music as we traditionally do on Locals Only . For good reason. Legendary Seattle DJ, Marco Collins, joined the show this week and we talked a lot. At times it got a little weird. Pro Tip: Don't ever flip through the photos on Marco's phone. Watch: Movie about Marco...
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So, You're In Seattle... Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

So, You're in Seattle... Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

Seth Wolfson isn’t just the co-creator of Hourglass Escapes - a top notch Lake Union puzzle room - he’s also a man who grew up entrenched in a world of movie makeup, special effects, and animatronics. Hearing him talk about making wax sculptures, working for Universal Studios, and the road to get...
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New Music Roundup // November 18

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - A Little Something More From These country/blues/rock S.O.Bs dropped A Little Something More From, a neeight-songng EP featuring B-sides off their debut album, which they released on Friday. If you didn't like S.O.B., that's ok, but do listen to this...
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Gregr's Life Hax: Save your thumbs with this texting trick

Supported by Xfinity : We are on our phones. Like, a lot. But even though texting gets easier and more emoji-er, I have a pretty cool trick to simplify the kinds of things you enter all the time, like your email or #2MinutePromise ! More Life Hax What you need: A phone, duh. Thumbs. Though, toes...
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It is time to add Joseph to the list of local bands making it big

If you tried to Google or YouTube search "Joseph" a couple years ago your search probably would have turned up Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or maybe the figure from the bible, which totally makes sense. Now when you type "Joseph" into your search engine, the very first result immediately lands on the band...
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PUSA Surprise Set at DTHB 2010

Presidents of the United States of America Have Broken Up

Yesterday morning, a post on Facebook woke us up to the next in a line of crap news stories that have made 2016 worse than the liquid that drips from the bottom of a fast food trash bag peeing out onto the floor of the restaurant you're trying to eat at. Since November 8, things have been weird. I'...
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5 Black Friday Record Store Day Deals I Want

While most people are stoked for Black Friday deals on November 25, we vinyl junkies are counting down the days until Record Store Day (which happens to also be Black Friday). It happens twice a year and those two days are the most magical days of the year (Sorry Christmas)! So next Friday come out...
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The emergence and growth of Seattle band My Goodness

Starting a band can seem a lot like planting a new garden. Sometimes you need the absolute perfect conditions to grow, and the slightest changes seem like they could doom the whole crop. You need the right nutrients and soil temperature, or in the case of a band, the right connections, personnel...
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LISTEN: New song from Seattle band Dude York

Seattle trio Dude York announced a new album and released the first song from the LP, "Black Jack," this week. The new album, Sincerely (via Hardly Art ), is set to be released on February 24 of next year on CD and digital, but you can grab a clear vinyl of the LP if you pre-order here for only $15...
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