Amazon Is Rolling Out a Smart Cart That Knows What You’re Buying and Lets You Skip Lines

Amazon announced that in an effort to streamline trips to the grocery store and make them more enjoyable for customers, it is rolling out a shopping cart that uses cameras, sensors, and a scale to detect what you’re buying. Read on.
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Snohomish Farmers Market

I Went to a Farmers Market, Here's What I Found

Shoutout to Stocker Farms for letting Snohomish Farmers Market use this huge space!
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Now Trending: #SaleOnAvocados

Starting today shopping at Whole Foods no longer costs you your whole paycheck! As promised, Amazon, who recently acquired Whole Foods, began slashing prices on items earlier this morning, cutting some up to almost 50%(!), which is awesome because now you can buy avocados and still almost afford...
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The 5 Coolest Places to Shop in Ballard

Because who knows Ballard better than I do? Well, probably a lot of people. After living on Ballard Ave. for a year and in the neighborhood itself for a few more years... I think I've got a pretty good idea. I love all the local shops and small businesses, the brick buildings, the charm! Ballard is...
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