Sounders FC New Kit Sponsor, What Do You Think?

After ten seasons wearing rave green jerseys featuring a variety of XBOX logos, Seattle Sounders FC went looking elsewhere for a new local partnership. Despite my call for them to just adorn the shirts with the face of the very handsome Brad Evans, they decided to join forces with online retailer,...
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Thank You Deuce: Clint Dempsey Retires From Soccer

United States/Seattle soccer LEGEND Clint Dempsey has announced his retirement from professional footy today. After a career spanning 15 years, with stops in New England, Fulham, Tottenham, and of course the beloved Seattle Sounders, Deuce has decided to call it a day. “After a lot of thought, my...
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It's the 100th match between Sounders FC and Fartland Timbers

100 matches dating back to 1975 - this may be the biggest soccer rivalry in the entire USA. This thing comes with years of baggage: teasing, chanting, banners, scarf theft, and so many snarky internets! Though the stakes aren't clear yet, this Sunday will give us a benchmark demonstrating the...
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Maybe That Wasn't a Red Card For Clint Dempsey

"Quickly, Seattle just lost again, to Twitter!" This feels like the overwhelming fan reaction from Sunday's 0-3 drubbing by FC Frisco. #EveryoneOut A match where Dempsey got his annual red card out of the way early, his gaff left the team with no strikers - rumor has it the GM has temporarily...
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There are So Many Sounders Matches!!

I feel bad for my friends that don't follow soccer that are trying to get into Sounders FC this season - excuse me, the back-to-back MLS Western Conference Champion Sounders FC. I feel bad because right when the season starts, a huge tournament to prove who's the baddest club in North and Central...
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Robot Soccer

Nerd Talk: If Robots Are The Future, Sports Are Going to Be Terrible

I can't imagine a future where humans still play football unless someone does something to seriously protect the brains of these super humans sporting machines. But something no one really ever talks about is how much damage happens to soccer players when heading a ball that just traveled 70 yards...
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Made my own Championship jersey

Sounders FC Match 7 Preview: Get on the dang Bolt Bus Already!

It isn't too late to blow this pop stand, leave the Mariners to struggle behind, and get your butt to Vancouver for a beautiful freakin' weekend of Sounders FC soccer, bridges, and a weak Canadian dollar! Seattle opens up the Cascadia Cup action this weekend and will get the first sniff at the...
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Sounders FC Heritage Kit

Match 2 Preview: Frenchies vs AMERICA (Seattle)

"Your team is amongst the favorites for the 2017 Cup title, but starting 0-2 would not be awesome" -Captain(s) Obvious. Look, starting two games in a row on the road isn't the coolest. But in the eight MLS Sounders seasons, if we've learned anything, the first 57 months of the season are to get...
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Pacific Blue

We Caught Up With Sounders Captain Brad Evans

How in the crap is the soccer offseason already over?! Seattle Sounders FC, including our guest Brad Evans, are currently strapped into a metal bird rocketing over the dry part of the USA to kick off the defense of the MLS Cup in Houston. I had no idea that in the history of the club, they had...
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Perfect atmosphere for a Sounders FC Halloween match.

About last night's Sounders match...

About last night's Sounders FC match... Thank you for coming out and going bonkers for a team that needed us the most right then. The Sounders won. They won by a lot. The pre-match show on the pitch featured so many fireworks, so much fire, and left the craziest haze of smoke to start the match - a...
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