Crew Dragon Capsule Atop SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Moves Into Position

How to Watch Today's Historic Rocket Launch

Today at 1:33 pm PDT, weather permitting, NASA and SpaceX will team up to shoot humans into space from American soil for the first time since 2011.
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gettyimages // Emmanuel Wong

NASA Confirms Tom Cruise's Space Station Movie

NASA confirmed via Tweet, because 2020, that they would indeed be helping to get a movie starring Tom Cruise filmed aboard the ISS.
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Nerd Talk: Elon Musk Is Straight Up Selling Flamethrowers

The cool part about being a gazillionaire is that you get to do whatever the crap you want. "I wanna go to Mars" builds a rocket company. "I hate traffic" builds a tunneling company for an underground rollercoaster. "I wanna sell hats" comes up with a scheme where if people buy a total of 50,000...
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Nerd Talk - September 2, 2016

I would be surprised to find out that any of us wouldn't take a human flying robot suit like Iron Man, but Zuckercheeseburger seems to be close to having the Jarvis style assistant... I'll stick to be mad at Siri for now... Nerd Talk - September 2, 2016 Read More: 3. Zuckerberg has his own jarvis...
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Oh Hey Space X - Thats Some Beautiful Landing Footage You Got There

TL;DR - scroll down for kick ass video. Last month, the nerds at SpaceX successfully followed in Jeff Bezos' footsteps by shooting a payload into space followed by landing the rocket itself back on earth without damaging the module. It's a remarkable feat enabling humanity to be less wasteful when...
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