Taco Truck Challenge

Taco Truck Challenge Was Bangin' - Thank YOU!

Foolish-mortals, I extend my gratitude toward your puny lives knowing that none of this matters and our time on hurtling space rock is brief. Yet, you chose to soak up the sunshine, stuff yourself on tacos, and suck down a multitude of beers and tequila powered beverages with us. Your performance...
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Locals Only Playlist: April 28th with Beverly Crusher and Duke Evers

It was plenty loud on Locals Only Sunday night. I spent the first hour of the show with our Locals Only Artist of The Month of April, Seattle band Beverly Crusher. We talked about their upcoming performance at the Taco Truck Challenge this Saturday (5/4) at the Seattle Center. The band shared their...
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Listen to the bands playing Seattle Center THIS Saturday

So, Taco Truck Challenge is a thing . Look, if I'm being honest, you had me at tacos. Then someone was like "the Taco Truck Challenge is by that fountain in front of Key Arena, under the Space Needle this year" and I was like "WHAAAAAAAAT?!" because that spot is perfect for eating a baker's dozen...
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POLL: Are you Pro or No Cilantro?

74% (172 votes)
26% (59 votes)
Total votes: 231
On Cinco De Mayo, it isn't the tequila or the taco meat you put on your food that brings up the biggest debate. It's a little green leaf that you garnish your day with that brings families to insanity, divides the tightest-knit compadres, and has made the little aisle that divides our desks at 107...
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New Music Friday: Bishop Briggs, Kitten, Lucy Dacus and more!

At least once a week Manley and I have a mini music meeting in our office. We blast the new, new and we're either jamming out or yelling "Next!" Hey, being a music nerd can be brutal, but someone has to do it. We rounded up some jams that we think you should be listening to right now, check them...
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5 food trucks to check out before Taco Truck Challenge at Seattle Center

Taco Truck Challenge has a brand new location this year which means we all need to start stretching our gut for all the food we are about to cram into our mouth holes. Here are the Top 5 food trucks that you don't have to find while stuck in a traffic jam to check out before Taco Truck Challenge on...
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Training For Taco Truck Challenge!

Ok taco lovers, there are two ways you can train for Taco Truck Challenge ! 1 . Download a helpful 'running' app or just hit the pavement and start gearing up for the Fiesta 5k Ole ! The 5k run/walk* happens just before Taco Truck Challenge and will one, burn some pre-taco calories and also make...
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Let's Taco-bout it! My Favorite Taco Truck Challenge Moments

This past weekend, thousands of End listeners (and runners) took over Volunteer Park for an afternoon of sun, suds, and awesome food. The sixth-annual Taco Truck Challenge was lit, and these were my favorite parts.... HERE COMES THE SUN Taco Truck Challenge is quickly becoming the official start of...
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