Nerd Talk: This Lyric Speaker Brings Music To Life

Look, you can pretend that you don't like karaoke - I certainly keep that charade up... until I'm at the bar with a couple pops in me and a song comes on that I love. Just try and fight that urge to sing and gesticulate - it's nearly impossible. I think that's what makes the "Lyric Speaker" from...
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Nerd Talk: The 10 Best Robots from 80’s Movies

I grew up in a time before digital effects dominated the big screen - you had to leave it to cartoons to really let the imagination go wild. Because of this, the effects of the 1980's today often look pretty dumb. But let George Lucas and those awful Star Wars prequels remind you that digital doesn...
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Bottles to become beaches

Nerd Talk: Drinking Beer to Save the World!

Two-thirds of the Earth's beaches are being eroded away - and not just by natural (human-caused) erosion (and rising ocean levels), we evidently just love sand. It's used in tons of stuff like cement, computer chips, soap opera intros, and pharmaceuticals... what?! For some reason, desert sand,...
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Record listening is at a 25 year high

Nerd Talk: Record Pressing Robot About To Blow Up Vinyl

The music industry needs more robots to keep up with your insatiable love of vinyl, special edition LP's, and colorful limited run albums. So this Canadian company got busy. Video of The WarmTone by Viryl Technologies - Cycle Demo (Vinyl Record Pressing) That robot still seems pretty slow and...
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Virtual Drum Set Keeps Your Annoying Drummer Friend Busy

Check out these rad virtual drumsticks some Scandinavian dudes came up with to keep drummers' hands busy without driving the rest of the focused world into driving pencils into our own eardrums: Freedrum. Video of Freedrum We all know a drummer. If not, meet one because they're the weirdest. The...
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Seattle International Auto Show

Oh Good, They Let an Adult 12-Year-Old Into a Car Show

It should come as no surprise that a grown man who loves dinosaurs, spaceships, and karate would run around looking for supercars and exotics at the Seattle International Auto Show. I'm that grown man, and I found some kick-ass cars at CenturyLink. Look at this one, it goes 41,000 mph and travels...
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Nerd Talk - November 4, 2016

This week we learned that your guts are full of bacteria, so much bacteria, and now we're finding out that you really need to get a cat to start tackling the arthropods cohabitating at your pad - I mean, I would understand if they ever threw in for some rent money or at least bought beers once in a...
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The TL;DR - Nintendo is playing with the big boys again

These days, it seems like there's a new Nintendo project every few months, so it's hard to know which one to focus on. The easy answer for anyone who likes gaming is "all of them," but the company's latest announcement, the "Nintendo Switch" might be their biggest and most innovative. Video of...
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Seattle has a new way to help those in need

In 2015, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared an official "State of Emergency" in regards to homelessness within the city. Now, a new Seattle app startup, GiveSafe, is one of many companies that have responded to the declaration with action. GiveSafe allows users to anonymously make non-cash donations...
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So what the hell are Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat released a new feature last Friday and it has nothing to do with your phone. So what is it? TL;DR Snapchat Spectacles are a set of built-in-camera-enabled sunglasses and are the first "hardware" device created by the company. They capture 10-second long clips (you can record up to 30...
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