Here's what it looks like when you exceed your set screen time

I Tried iOS 12's Screen Time Tracker. I'm Bummed Out.

Apple introduced a new feature called Screen Time. It monitors the time you spend looking at your screen (obviously). After switching in on, I immediately feel terrible about my decisions and how controlled I am by my dumb smartphone. I've had it installed for a few weeks and it paints the...
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Gregr's Life Hax: Save your thumbs with this texting trick

Supported by Xfinity : We are on our phones. Like, a lot. But even though texting gets easier and more emoji-er, I have a pretty cool trick to simplify the kinds of things you enter all the time, like your email or #2MinutePromise ! More Life Hax What you need: A phone, duh. Thumbs. Though, toes...
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