See where the new Light Rail path will go underneath the UW campus

If you happen to be walking across campus at the University of Washington and feel a rumbling beneath your feet*, don't worry it isn't THE BIG ONE , it's probably just a light rail cruising into the new station in the U-District (ok but it could actually be the big one). The new light rail feels a...
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New York - MARCH 7, 2017: Time Magazine on March 7 in New York, USA. Time magazine is a popular US publication

"The Silence Breakers" Announced as 2017 TIME Person of the Year

Today, TIME magazine announced its 2017 Person of the Year. Who received this year’s title? “The Silence Breakers,” a name for everyone who has spoken out against sexual assault—including prominent names like Anthony Rapp , Alyssa Milano , Blaise Godbe Lipman , Rose McGowan , and more—making up “...
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