video games

Super Mario

Sealed Super Mario Bros Game Fetches Some Serious Cash

I can't imagine why anyone wou
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guitar hero

Guitar Hero puts the rest of us to shame

Try not to laugh in disbelief as GHAddict slays Dragonforce TTFAF.
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Video Game Dog

New Twitter Account Tracks Which Dogs You Can Pet in Video Games

Finally someone is answering the real questions
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A 'Stranger Things' Video Game Is in the Works

From the Netflix screen to your video game screen, the Stranger Things phenomenon continues. It was announced this week at the E3 expo (a video game expo) in Los Angeles, that a game developer has reached a licensing deal with the streaming giant to develop a video game based on Stranger Things ...
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It's Mario!

There's a New Mario Game and You Can Be A T-Rex!

LOOK AT THAT MAJESTY! Nintendo's E3 presentation just took the excitement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and backed it up with some amazing looking game titles that we'll play in the next year including a staple character's new adventure: Super Mario Odyssey . Nintendo's focus on...
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