Weird Al offers up his Hamilton Polka

If you don't have 2 and a half hours, maybe this condensed version will do the trick.
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mac and cheese

You're not dreaming, a mac and cheese machine is coming soon

That's it! Stouffer's has won Twitter for today!
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Walt and Ninja

Ladies find guys less attractive when they do this!

You gotta love research studies like this.
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Kurt Cobain

A new Nirvana song... sort of.

YouTuber uses AI to create a new Nirvana song... and it's pretty catchy.
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Each state's favorite candy. Most are wrong

June is National Candy Month so here's every state's favorite candy.
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Titles released for Record Store Day

Here are some of the special titles expected for the 3 upcoming Record Store Days!
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Olympic Mountains

Walt's Top 10 List of PNW Adventures

Summer's here! Time to get off the couch and do stuff!
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Dr Dre

Dr Dre says social media has "destroyed" artist mystique

"I don’t need anybody to know where I am every minute or what I’m doing."
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Music venue crowd

Here's a way to help independent music venues

Independent music venues are struggling to survive the pandemic. Here's a simple way to help them out.
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blue angels

Seafair Cancels Signature Events for 2020

No Blue Angels, no parade... no Summer 4th at Gas Works Park!
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