Who's drinking during work hours?

Be honest! Are you enjoying a beer while while working from home?
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Plastic bag ban

Wave goodbye to plastic bags in Washington

You'll no longer be able to get a plastic bag to carry your groceries out anywhere on the west coast of the United States!
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Did you mess up your ballot?

Uh-oh!! Ballots in Washington state are getting rejected. Is yours?
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washington coffee

Appreciation Post: Washington Coffee

Appreciating the great coffee we get to enjoy here in Washington!
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What state does Washington hate the most?

Every state has a state which is their least favorite. Check out the map!
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Snowy Snohomish Barn

Washington is Beautiful: Snow storms!

Washington only gets prettier with a dusting of nature's frozen icing.
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Holiday Shopping For Friends On A Budget

Supported by StickerYou.com It's the most wonderful time of the year!... or something. The holiday season is upon us and to be honest, I stress out every year worrying about what gifts to get my family. Mostly because I have a big fam and I am not a millionaire, ha. The holidays shouldn't make us...
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Washington Is Beautiful - Snoqualmie

Supported by StickerYou.com Snoqualmie Falls is so stinking pretty. I had only ever really checked out the town next door to get beers at Snoqualmie Falls Brewery after some waterfalls or maybe the casino, but with Snoqualmie Railroad Days over the weekend, we popped in with SpaceBaby to see a...
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Washington Is Beautiful - The Perfect Day

Supported by StickerYou.com Washington is beautiful and my kid loves splashing in the water so we packed up the family and popped over to Edmonds for a couple of hours in the sun. I am very sunburned today. The town of Edmonds is absolutely lovely with tons of shops and restaurants (shout out to...
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It's Mario!

RIP Tukwila's Mario Segale, Inspiration for the Name "Super Mario"

I had no idea that the dude who inspired the name for Super Mario lived here in Washington. (Super) Mario Segale, a hardworking Tukwila construction and real estate company owner, sadly left this plane at the age of 84. Mario Segale, the namesake of Nintendo’s Mario character, dies at age 85 https...
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