A couple got engaged during an intimate Bishop Briggs performance

Music brings people together in powerful ways. Bishop Briggs fans Jim and Erica are now a beautiful example of that simple truth. In 2013, Jim and Erica, who were dating at the time, attended Summer Camp with Erica pregnant with the couple's twin boys. Over the four years since, the boys became...
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Gregr and Bride

Why I'm Glad I Waited to Get Married

I’m glad I waited to get married. I have two older brothers by a wide margin - I’m the oops. They are 10 and 13 years older than me so as a kid I got to be in their weddings. I watched my many cousins of the older generation get married, too. Weddings are soooo boring when you’re a kid. I’m glad I...
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Episode 59 - I'll Be Discreet

This is effectively the Manley cast because that guy has been super busy - first he went to a wedding with his equivalent to Ron Swanson's Tammy 2, then rode the fart train, then he tried to keep Meg Myers off the fart train. It's been a busy week for the dude. We'd love to hear your embarrassing...
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Episode 58 - Travelcast

What an adventure - New York city is bananas. Here's a full summary , but the most intense part, which we talked about it, was sitting front and center at the Comedy Cellar and watching comedians from 5 feet away. Thank the wizard no one mean was there. Manley is off to a wedding, and I wanna know...
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