Trailer: Death From Above 1979 Documentary

October 1, 2014
It's one thing to make music that fans love, it's another when you're making music that your peers get behind. When other creative types, with their own long road of musical toil take a minute to give you a nod, that's gotta be pretty damn cool. The dudes in Death From Above 1979 made an album that resonated just like that ('You're a Woman, I'm a Machine'). Then after starting to blow up, the relationship in this duo soured and the band members began to hate one another. Sad. 

So why would they get back together? How do you reconcile the problems from the past? Why did you break up, anyway? These are all valid questions when the two piece decided to get back into the studio a decade later and make a follow-up record. In the process, they decided to make a documentary to talk about their crumbling and now revival. Titled 'Life After Death From Above', the doc hits the internet next week (10/7) and can be preordered now.