Twenty One Pilots EndSession

Sometimes you think you're gonna Skype a band and then they show up!

September 21, 2015

Look, it's not nice, but we definitely tricked a bunch of twenty one pilots fans into coming to the station to "interview the band via Skype". It was definitely a different experience than what I'm used to. Twenty one pilots have a following that must be overwhelmingly incredible for Josh and Tyler - the sobs and cries, screams and shrieks of fans obsessed with the duo are something to behold. 

There's a type of band that combines a love for performance, insane work ethic, and sexy good looks into an unstoppable machine of success. Recently, New Politics showed us what it's like to drive a crowd around a room with hooky songs and non-stop energy. Twenty one pilots certainly has this same fury fueling them around the world. It didn't become apparent to me until we started a contest looking for die-hard fans to come to the station to interact with these dudes via the internet. 

One look at the grouping of fans sitting in the conference room, ready to catch a glimpse of the band, and it became apparent: the radio station was the smallest star in the room, because for even just a minute, this special bunch would get a unique glimpse at the stars whose shirts they wore, records they brought, and last names they married with their own during 4th period math class dreaming of a perfect life together! We filtered everyone into our lounge, connected our "interview", and let the fun develop. Oh no - connection errors? What a letdown...

Luckily, when the video chat failed, we brought out our new intern with a silly name: DJ Spooky Jim! Ok, he's no intern. He's not even a DJ - he's Josh Dun - drummer for 21P. The squealish shriek that came from our small audience of 21P fans said it all, they knew something was up. This experience was about to get a whole new level of awesome. Out walks Tyler with his ukelele, hops atop a conveniently placed stool, and begins a serande:

Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart EndSession

Twenty One Pilots - Lane Boy EndSession

Twenty One Pilots - Holding On To You EndSession

What a fun day to surprise some lucky fans with their own private performance. This is what it could look like next time we invite you to participate in one of our contests to win an EndSession pass. Learning what it means to match this level of success that is twenty one pilots with the wide-eyed, heartachingly excited fans is a great lesson to me about what this industry is capable of!