Video: Fastbacks Reunite @ West Seattle's Summer Fest

July 8, 2011

AHHHHH So exciting when any band reunites (except for maybe that New Kids On The Block + Backstreet Boys abomination) but the when the news broke that the Fastbacks (Seattle band, signed to Sub Pop, the full rap here if you're unfamiliar) were reforming to play of all things Summer Fest we couldnt help but get a little giddy around the station beacuse as much as we love Kim and her new band (now re-dubbed Cali giraffes, check em out here) nothing fits like the old thing :) and thanks to the good people over at West Seattle Blog, those of us who were stuck on the 15th floor of their building working (or perhaps something more practical for those of you who arent me) can pretend we're there through the power of the internet! Check out the first live footage below with apparently more to come!