Video: Radiohead play The King Of Limbs Live From The Basement

July 9, 2011

Though you'll have to wait till July 23 for the real deal (The performance premiers in the US on Palladia that date) CoS points out that tracks from the session seem to be making their way onto YouTube this Saturday afternoon (at least for the time being) and what a treat they are. "Live From The Basement" a concept set up by the bands producer Nigel Godrich, not just for Radiohead but a number of bands, gives face and an element of humanity to an album that for a lot of us may have been more difficult to swallow than past releases, more than anything it sort of proves the crowd a bunch of brats at Glastonbury to have responded so poorly to the first performance of the record. Check out what we have so far, below.

EDIT: I guess you don't have to wait, because we now have video of each song in the sequence played below, for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!

01. Bloom
02. Daily Mail
03. Feral
04. Little By Little
05. Codex
06. Separator
07. Lotus Flower
08. Staircase
09. Morning Mr. Magpie
10. Give Up The Ghost