We're Teaming Up With Pearl Jam!!!

April 1, 2015
Listen to our special guest talk about his awesome charity, the Vitalogy Foundation. It's a public non-profit organization formed in 2006 by the members of Pearl Jam and their manager - almost a decade of helping! I was joined in studio by a Seattle guy that knows a thing or two about Pearl Jam - guitarist Stone Gossard.

I got him to laugh about McCready, too!

The End and Pearl Jam are teaming up, and you can be part of the action. For every ticket you buy to Summer Camp and Deck the Hall Ball, two bucks goes straight to charity! We've specifically picked two Seattle charities: Treehouse - helping foster kids who are held back by constant transition between homes, and the Greater Seattle Bureau for Fearless Ideas - helping kids advance scholastically while offering an opportunity to better express themselves through creative writing.