A Conversation With Creative Force Blake Lewis

August 12, 2015

In 2007 I’d just moved to Egypt and began work at Nile FM. A good friend of mine in Seattle asked if I’d been watching American Idol. Nope, never seen it. Turns out a buddy of his not only made it to the finals, but went on to place second. And just a couple weeks later I was blasting his hit single ‘Break Anotha’ over Egyptian air waves. Seattle suburbanite Blake Lewis was on the rise. But the music industry is ruthless, and I didn’t hear much more about Blake in mainstream media after that. 


A couple of weeks ago I was watching a friend perform at the Pink Door down at the Market, and who walks through the door? Blake Lewis. Turns out we have more than one mutual friend. It was a pleasure meeting him, and knowing that this guy had a phenomenal story to tell, I pestered him to sit down with me in the studio and tell it. 


My guess is he’s done plenty of interviews rehashing his Idol experience, but I’ve heard nothing about it. We talked about how he spent his Idol days, arranging his own music, skating around the CBS lot, and kicking it at comedy clubs. I was curious to learn about how that kind of experience can benefit, or hinder somebody with seemingly limitless creativity. It was a fascinating bit of conversation. 


Then we moved on to where he’s arrived since, and how he's ended up there. For better or for worse, I doubt he’ll ever shake the moniker of  ‘American Idol Runner Up, Blake Lewis’. But the creative force that is Blake can be better described as musician, producer, sound designer, label boss, voice artist… too much comes to mind to list. And don’t be surprised if you see the guy spur a movement to resurrect a thriving, all-ages scene in Seattle. Take a listen and be inspired. - Zach

Here's the video for Retro Romance we talked about complete with a cameo from Mr. Belding! Epic.

Had to dig deep in to YouTube for this Chuck Norris video he mentioned. Beware a few F-BOMB's, and know the chorus will be stuck in your head for weeks.