Dudes Walked Coast to Coast for Seattle Children's Hospital!

September 26, 2014

Well, they’re not quite there yet. But last May, Cameron and Zan set out from Seattle with nothing more than carts filled with supplies, to hoof it across the entire country!  Their goal, raise $10,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital, and of course, adventure. Hardly anybody knows what they’re doing, and so far they’ve managed to raise $4,000. Help them reach their goal in these last few days by donating here at their website! And keep up with them by showing support on their face book page here. 


They’re just a week or so away from crossing the George Washington bridge and arriving their destination, New York City. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to arrange coverage or sponsors before leaving. 


They got the idea going in to finals week last April, and hit the road immediately after exams. Super Jock and Jill in Seattle gave them each a pair of shoes (they’ve torn through 6 pair since), and friends and family have gotten word out best they can along the way. 


Since may 18th, they’ve walked 2500 miles! They haven’t hitched a single ride, and they crash out where ever the day leads them. Preferably in somebody’s front yard, barns, or churches.

What would you fill a cart with if your goal was to walk coast to coast? These guys keep to the essentials. Sleeping bag, tent, tarp, clothes, food and water. And basic tools and patch kits for cart maintenance and repairs. 


They stick to secondary highways, and entertain themselves the best they can with conversation that gets crazier as days go by, and simple shenanigans like throwing rocks at cans. Amazingly, they haven’t had any bad experiences so far (knock on wood). Everybody they’ve met has been incredibly generous with food, shelter, and heavier clothing as temperatures drop, and day light wanes heading in to autumn.

Let's help these guys reach their goal by donating at their website! And encourage them daily on their face book page. 

After wrapping up this epic adventure, they’ll head home and resume their studies at UW. - Zach