A Glance At What I'll Play This Weekend On Subtronic End

September 3, 2015

Bob Moses - ‘Talk’ (Black Light Smoke Remix) - DOMINO


A fine blend of organic and electronic music technics is what makes these guys stand out. Electronic music is going in the direction of more live instrumentation, both on recordings and in performance. Here you have a beautiful example of how well it can be done. A lot of artists are hopping on this trend, but for that very reason it sounds contrived. Not the case with Bob Moses. I’ve been told their live show is captivating as well. Go see them this month at Decibel Festival. I can't find any online evidence of this remix, so here's the original. 


Jamie xx - ‘Loud Places’ (Special Request VIP Remix) - YOUNG TURKS


Jamie xx is getting a lot of buzz this year, and rightly so. His album has some nuggets, and the ‘Loud Places’ remix pack I just got my hands on is a compliment to it. I can’t decide which remix I like best, but I’m feeling the break beat here. It's got that old school, sampled sound. But cracks like something modern. And the piano chops are wicked. Depending on where it falls in a mix, it'll sound chill and soothing, or dark and menacing. I'll decide on Saturday. 



Maribou State - ‘Raincoats’ - COUNTER RECORDS


Counter Records is killing it this year, one of my favorite albums of the year. Maribou State’s ‘Portraits’ is another album you need to put on and listen through. ‘Rituals’ was their big hit, but ‘Raincoats’ the most simple, yet catchy combination of bouncy drums, harmonious textures, and a modern vocal sound that doesn’t come off as contrived. Masters of their craft, Maribou State deserves your attention. 



Howling - ‘Howling’ - COUNTER RECORDS


Howling’s ‘Sacred Ground’ album is one of the best releases I’ve heard in the past year. It sounds contemporary, yet not contrived like most contemporary sounding records. It’s musical. One of few records you can put on these days, and listen to from start to finish. I haven’t given it much play, I’ve been feeling like it’s a bit dark, or too profound for a Saturday night. I usually try to keep it lively, or on the aggressive side of dark. There is some deep emotion on this album, but it lightens up in spots. The title track is a prime example. But if you haven’t played the album from start to finish, make time for it. 


Odd Mob ft Bertie Blackman - ‘This Game’ - TINTED RECORDS


So much phenomenal music coming out of Australia right now, I could dedicate an entire show to it. The latest inspiration comes from Odd Mob with guest vocals from Bertie Blackman. It’s been described as ‘trap and hip hop inspired’, but I hear a bit of Dance Hall in it’s bounce. I’m not in love with the snare build, but what it breaks to is the most pleasing, grumpy synth texture I’ve heard in a while. And when the vocals come back in, they’re in true sing along, hands in the air fashion. Another track that would have been a Summer anthem had it been released a few months ago. But we’ll happily carry it in to Fall.