Subtronic End Preview, Some Tracks You Should Hear Now

Some Tracks You Should Hear Now

August 20, 2015

Odesza ft Little Dragon - ‘Light’ - COUNTER

Brand new Odesza, need I say more? Sounding like they should to keep stoking everyone out. But the story reads something like this... Last year, Little Dragon asked Odesza to do a remix of a track, and accidently sent the stems of a track that hadn't been released yet. Odesza was so busy touring they never got around to it. A few months later, they ran into Little Dragon, and they decided to collaborate on an entirely new Odesza track, featuring the Little Dragon vocal stem. Here it is.


Yoland Be Cool & DCUP - 'Soul Makossa (Money)' - SWEAT IT OUT

I’m down with timeless sounds. Especially in music production. Why re-invent the wheel? It seems to be spinning just fine. When this rework of a manu Djbango classic spins out, you’ll be bragging to your friends about what you just heard. Do a bit of research on the original. If you don't recognise this horn riff, then you haven't been out dancing to enough funk bands. 

Here's a live version of the original, pretty jammin'. Although, I would like to be at the party above.


Disclosure ft Sam Smith - ‘Omen’ (Jonas Rathsman Remix)

Anything Jonas Rathsman touches turns to gold. I couldn’t have been more pleased when this was slid under the door of the studio a few days ago. There’s nothing I like more, than playing a massive, explosive dance hit, when I can get a filthy remix like this. 

Matt Lange - ‘My Love Aside’ - MAU5TRAP

Techno bliss…no... just a nice groove. Either way, get to know Matt Lange. He is one of few you’ll hear producing heartfelt, sonic jams that transcend the catchy hook. They don’t need anything 'catchy', as they hook directly in to your psyche. When a track like this comes on, your friend ‘shushes’ you, and you both escape the drivel you were engaged in to go some place deeper. Dig.